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In 2021 we showed together under the motto "together, not against each other" that the mix scene is alive and that we can have a good time together. Also in 2022 we will show that we still stand together and continue the mix contest under the motto "music connects people". We look forward to YOU ​​becoming a part of the contest!


In order not to exceed the time frame of the program, the duration of the individual mixes is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes, but should not be less than 12 minutes. Each mix must contain at least two Inthemixradio samples that will be made available to you. How you use them in your mix is ​​entirely up to you. It just has to be clearly audible that the samples were used.

Furthermore, at least one version of the song "My Cyberradio" must be included in your mix. It doesn't matter if it's a vocal part or an instrumental part! Of course we make this song available to you! You decide the length yourself, but the song should not be less than 2 bars, i.e. 8 beats.

The use of own samples is allowed. The mix must be provided as *.mp3 (320 kbps). The publication of the mix (e.g. on Mixclound, Hearthis.at or similar) before the mix is ​​broadcast on ITMR is not permitted and will lead to the exclusion of the contest.

We set April 16, 2022 as the deadline. The mixes must be available to us by then. Mixes submitted later will not be considered. The show is scheduled for April 30th, 2022 / May 1st, 2022. We reserve the right to make changes.


As in the previous year, all submitted mixes will be evaluated by a jury. We are pleased that this year, in addition to pAt, DJ Samus Jay, who took first place in 2021, and DJ Devil will form the jury.


Of course, your work should not be in vain. Also this year prizes are waiting for the first 3 winners of the InTheMixRadio Mixcontest 2022! In addition to a certificate and a trophy, 1st place will receive their winning mix pressed on a 12" maxi vinyl! 2nd and 3rd place will each receive a certificate and a trophy from us! A big thank you to Lex van Coeverden and his VinylRoom


Registration takes place here via email mixcontest[at]inthemixradio[.]de. Please enter your DJ name / artist name in the email and you're already there!

click here to register for the contest

You can view current registrations via this link. The list is continuously updated.

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